Data driven rental process for those looking for the perfect tenants

Meet your tenants before they move in

Why RentRocket

You know who you are renting to. Up front.

RentRocket objectively asses trustworthiness and “financial health” of the applicants for your property.

No regrets, just the right decisions.

RentRocket brings in the rental procestransparency and comparativness with which you will not regret your decisions.

Saving your time & money.

Connect and personaly meet only with the applicants whose quality is verified by data. Not nicely written email.

How It Works

1. Create your profile. It takes only few minutes and we will guide you step by step.
2. Add your properties. We will help you with creation of the property profile and with setting up the conditions.
3. Invite applicants to apply for your property.
4) Monitor the interest, compare offers and select the perfect tenant for you and your property. In your property dashboard you have everything you need.

RentRocket Story

At university I became a property manager of 25 units and I realized that rental market is just not as it should be. Dishonesty, lack of trust and transparency and also vague laws not reflecting the reality of the market.

I missed the data, anything tangible to support my decision making which would help me, and also my tenants, to rent effectively. That's why I founded RentRocket. For everyone who needs perfect tenants for their properties and for tenants who values a trust, honesty and transparency.

Klára Flisníková
CEO & Founder

Start renting with RentRocket

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